Sunday 3 June 2007

Planning application made for new windows

Planning application made for two window designs
FESTALFINE has applied for planning permission and listed building consent for two different window designs in a bid to keep the costs of the window replacement programme as low as possible.
In its submission to the Richmond Borough planning department, Festalfine emphasised the need to retain competitive tendering for the new windows.
“Without competition up to the point of contract award,” the submission explained, “we risk paying inflated prices for the new windows.”
The application acknowledged the pioneering nature of the project but stressed: “The burden of raising the very significant levels of capital required to achieve this goal rests entirely on the shoulders of the leaseholders of Lichfield Court, many of whom are on low incomes … It is of paramount importance that the type of window used should be one which, while preserving the character and appearance of Lichfield Court, will also bring the benefits of improved safety, more efficient thermal and acoustic insulation and lower long-term maintenance costs, all at the most competitive price.”
The applications cover designs prepared by two window manufacturers - Crittall Windows Ltd and Clement Steel Windows Ltd.
Both window designs are considered to have met the necessary architectural and conservation criteria laid out by the Conservation Officer. A decision on the two planning applications is expected by June.
If approval for the competing designs is secured from the planning office, a competitive tendering process will be secured between the two manufacturers and a final decision on supplier will be made in the autumn.