Wednesday 29 September 2010

Roof and Parapet Walls work

Work will commence on the roof and parapet walls on the South West corner of the Major Block on Monday 4 October. Scaffolding will be erected from street level on Lichfield Terrace and the ground level of the estate adjacent to the exit gate by Waitrose on Sunday 3 October. A tower and hoist will also be erected within the courtyard garden in the vicinity of the main lift.

In addition to the scaffolding, site accommodation will also be set up on part of the car parking area in the north-west corner of the estate adjacent to the pedestrian gates by Northumbria Court.

It is anticipated that these works will take approximately twenty weeks to complete, including the Chistmas break, during which time this part of the estate will, for the purposes of Health and Safety, be deemed to be an active construction site. The contractor's site hours will be 0800 to 1700 but there should be not be any drilling or other noisy work before 8830 or after 1700.

If you have any questions please contact the staff in the office.