Thursday 23 May 2013

Spring bank holiday schedule 2013

Saturday 25.05.2013: Porterage from 07.30 to 15.30. No maintenance cover. Office closed. Rubbish collection from 09.00.

Sunday 26.05.2013: No porter cover. No maintenance cover. Office closed. No rubbish collection.

Monday 27.05.2013 (Spring Bank Holiday): Porterage from 07.30 to 13.30. No maintenance cover. Office closed. Rubbish collection from 13.30.

Tuesday 28.05.2013: Return to normal schedule.

Wishing you a Very Good Bank Holiday Weekend!
Please do NOT leave rubbish bags outside your flat on non collection days.

SECURITY – Shield Security will provide 24 hour security cover outside of Festalfine concierge hours. Please note that Shield Security’s officers are not permitted to issue keys to people who are not registered with Festalfine's Key Release Scheme. If you haven’t registered then you should do so by contacting Reception or the Estate Office to obtain an application form. Once completed, the form should be returned to Reception or the Estate Office. In addition, it would be prudent to make arrangements for a spare set of keys for your flat to be left with a neighbour or other locally accessible source, so that in the event of loss you are still able to gain access. Shield Security will not issue keys anyone who is not registered with the key release scheme.