Resident information

Gated Telephone Entry System

To allow your visitors entry through the main gates and lobby doors, you will need to register your telephone number (preferably landline) with reception. Once you have done this we can arrange for your flat number to be visible on the panel at the entry points. The entry procedure is then as follows:
  1. Your visitor will need to scroll through the flat numbers on the entry panel using the up and down arrows.
  2. Once your flat number is highlighted your visitor will have to press the button with the bell on it to the right of the flat number.
  3. The entry system will then dial your telephone number.
  4. There will be slight delay when you answer.  You will receive a message from the panel telling you that you have a visitor. You will, then, be able to talk to your visitor.
  5. To allow your visitor to enter the estate, press 0 on your telephone keypad; this will release the gate.
  6. Your visitor will need to repeat the above steps at the entrance door panel to gain access to the building.

Security & Keys

The main gate and lobby doors are locked between 19.00hrs and 07.30hrs Monday to Friday, 15.30hrs Saturday to 07.00hrs Monday.  The gates on the passageway by the side of Northumbria Court are always kept locked.

Gate & Lobby Door keys

A key operating all the gate and lobby door lock is available from Reception.  A deposit of £20.00 is required for each key.

Spare Keys

Leaseholders are requested to leave a spare key with Reception.  Although we maintain a rigorous access security policy with regard to keys in our care, Festalfine does not accept ultimate responsibility for keys left at Reception.  Keys will be released to workmen, or friends, only with your permission.

Key Release Scheme

As a service to all residents we offer a key-release scheme. This allows 24 hour controlled release of a spare key to you in an emergency. This can save the considerable cost of employing a locksmith to enter your flat and replace the locks. An application form is attached should you wish to partake in the scheme.

Rubbish Collection – Domestic Only

  1. Domestic rubbish securely placed in the bags provided will be collected from outside your flat. Please ensure that bags are put out before 09.00hrs Monday to Saturday.  Do not put bags out during the day or at night.
  2. There is no collection on Sundays.
  3. A new bag will be left.
  4. Do not leave recycling items outside your flat.  You are responsible for disposing of these in the appropriate recycling bins provided on site

Rubbish Skip – disposal of large items, furniture or materials

Please do not place domestic rubbish in the skip.  Larger items such as furniture may be placed in the skip upon agreement with Festalfine and payment of a fee, to be agreed with the Festalfine duty porter on Reception.  Porters and CCTV cameras monitor the skips.

Unauthorised Use of the Skip

Any resident using the skip for the disposal of large items without prior consent will be charged accordingly.

Notice Boards

Newsletters and general information are posted on notice boards positioned at various locations around Lichfield Court. 


There is a wooden post box to the left of Reception in the Main Lobby.  Collections are made Monday to Friday at 17.30hrs. This is not a facility for business use.

Reception will take delivery of parcels which cannot be delivered to you flat.  A note to this effect will be posted through your letterbox.  Please collect the item in question as soon as possible as storage space is very limited.

TV Aerials

There is one aerial on each block servicing all flats. The blocks are wired to receive cable services; please inform the company Office prior to cabling work commencing in your flat. Satellite dishes are NOT allowed.

Community Police

Good relations have been established between Festalfine and the local police.  Regular visits to the estate mar made by the local police teams as part of the Safer Neighbourhood scheme. If you see or hear anything of concern please contact them on the non-emergency number 101 and obtain a reference number.  Please also advise the Company Office/Reception to record the incident.

Good Neighbourhood Policy

  1. Do not play TVs, stereos, hi-fis, radios and musical instruments loudly between 23.00hrs and 09.00hrs.
  2. Please inform your neighbours if you are having friends around and think the noise levels may rise.
  3. Please cover floors with carpets or rugs and where permission has been obtained for parquet/hardwood flooring ensuring that good quality sound-deadening underlay is always use.
  4. Do not use your flat as a place of business.
  5. When moving large items such as furniture, please use the goods lift rather than the passenger lifts.
  6. Do not leave supermarket trolleys in the grounds of Lichfield Court and contact the supermarket directly should you see any on the estate.

Emergency Information

Emergency services - Police/Ambulance/Fire Brigade        999

Police      Non-emergency        101
NHS        Non-emergency        111

Richmond Council        Weekend Noise Patrol    07944 038495

Thames Water                        0845 920 080

Out of Hours Access to Lichfield Court

The gates to Lichfield Court are locked between 19.00hrs and 07.30hrs Monday to Friday and 15.30hrs Saturday to 07.30hrs Monday

It is the responsibility of residents to ensure they can gain access during those times
  1. Remember to take your gate and flat keys with you
  2. Participate in Key Release Scheme (please contact Estate Office)