Leaseholder information

Rules and Regulations

It is essential for leasesholders (the Lessees) to familiarise themselves with their obligations under the lease.  Festalfine Limited (the Lessor) wishes to draw to the attention of all leaseholders and their tenants, guests, contractors, etc. the following general rules and regulations:

Alteration / refurbishment of flats

  1. No building or refurbishment works to any flat may be undertaken without first providing Festalfine with details of the proposed works and gaining the consent of the company.  Failure to obtain Festalfine’s written consent before carrying out works would represent a breach of the lease.
  2. Such approval notwithstanding, it should be noted that since the 27th January 2004 Lichfield Court has been designated by the Secretary of State a Grade II Listed building.  This means that it is now an offence for any leaseholder/occupier to carry out any building or refurbishment works without first seeking advice/or listed building consent (if required) from the planning department of the London Borough of Richmond Upon Thames.  A conviction for this offence could result in a fine or imprisonment.
  3. Before Festalfine consents to your proposed work you should note and/or confirm the following in writing
    1. all electrical work will be carried out by an NICEIC or ELECSA (or similarly recognised body) registered electrician (for domestic work).
    2. all gas pipework, fittings and appliances will be installed/certified by an engineer listed on the Gas Safe Register.
    3. all plumbing will be carried out by a City & Guilds, CIPHE (or similar) registered plumber.
    4. all tradesmen/contractors carry appropriate Public Liability Insurance.
    5. as the buildings are Grade II listed you should liaise with LBRUT’s conservation officer on matters relating to any major alterations to the layout or changes to any original details and obtain the officer’s advice as to whether or not listed building consent is required
    6. details of any alterations in positions of walls, erection of new walls or openings made in existing walls, including structural calculations if appropriate, will be provided before work is carried out.
    7. waste material and/or items of furniture, fixtures and fittings may be disposed of in the estate skip with Festalfine’s consent and at an agreed price to cover the company’s costs.
    8. Note:    as a matter of courtesy, we urge leaseholders who plan to carry out work, especially if it involves noisy work, to notify their neighbours (including above and below) of their intention to carry out the work, giving them an indication of when the work will commence, its duration and when noisy work is likely to occur.
  4. We would remind leaseholders of their responsibilities with regard to Clause 2(15) of the lease which clearly states that the floors of the property should be covered “with carpet or linoleum and, in addition, with felt or other material that would effectively deaden sound…provided that if the lessor shall grant permission for parquet or hardwood flooring to be affixed to any floor of the demised premises, they shall not be deemed thereby impliedly to waive this covenant suitably to cover the floors"
  5. Noisy work is not permitted before 09.00hrs or after 18.00hrs on weekdays, and during weekends, is only permitted between 09.00hrs and 13.00hrs on Saturdays.

Letting your property

  1. Leaseholders wishing to let their property must adhere to the Lease and request formal consent from the Landlord, Festalfine Limited, for each new tenancy.
  2. Copy of the tenancy agreement must be forwarded to the Estate Office with contact details of the managing agents/tenants.
  3. Tenants must be made aware of the Rules & Regulations; Festalfine Limited will not tolerate any misbehaviour from tenants and will, ultimately, look to the leaseholders to ensure that their tenants do not cause disruption on the Estate.

Other general rules and regulations

  1. Nothing may be done inside any flat which may be or may become a nuisance or annoyance or cause damage or inconvenience to the owners/occupiers of any property in the estate.
  2. Not to do, or permit, anything to be done in or upon the common parts of the estate known as Lichfield Court which may be or may become a nuisance or annoyance or cause damage or inconvenience to the owners/occupiers of any property in the estate.
  3. No business may be run in any Lichfield Court, i.e. no production or manufacturing activity should be carried out.  No business should have its registered address at any of the leasehold premises at Lichfield Court.
  4. No illegal or immoral activities may be carried out in any flat.
  5. Noise must be kept to a minimum, particularly unavoidable noise due to essential activities such as refurbishment works or vacuuming must be carried out between 09.00hrs and 18.00hrs on weekdays and between 09.00hrs and 13.00hrs on Saturdays.
  6. No noise which would cause annoyance or disturbance to other residents of the estate buildings is permitted between 23.00hrs and 09.00hrs. Residents should always be mindful of causing too much noise disturbance throughout the day.
  7. The keeping of pets is permitted providing this does not cause annoyance to any other lessee or occupier of the estate.  Any lessee wishing to keep a pet or pets must apply to Festalfine for consent in writing in the first place.  Pets, particularly dogs, are not allowed to foul any part of the external areas of the estate.
  8. The above notwithstanding, all lessees should familiarise themselves with the covenants within the lease.